NftPeddle Advantage

No code Whitelabel Marketplace

A Global B2B SaaS, empowers you to launch your own white-label NFT store or NFT Marketplace without any spending much time on its development - its plug and play.

Multi-Blockchain Support

In the ever-expanding world of blockchain, there is always something new to discover. With a variety of blockchains and their strengths and limitations, we let you choose your business objectives for each collection inside a shop.

Various Options & Integrations

Users can choose from airdrops, social tokens, NFTs, and unlockable content, as well as connect their CRM, analytics, marketing, and other tools.

Simple and Feature Rich NFT Software as a Service.

Multiple wallets support

Multiple wallets are supported. MetaMask, WalletConnect & Fortmatic are among the most popular metaverse services.

Create Infinite Collection

You can set up and create as many collections as you like.

Add NFTs

Make your NFTs unique with properties, stats, and unlockable content.

Sell / Auction NFTs

Decide whether you want to auction your NFTs or sell them at a fixed price.

Setup your store

Customize your store name and logo to reflect your brand's ethos.

Customize UI & UX

Using our custom UI feature, you can reflect your brand's style in your NFT store.


To comply with local laws, provide personal information support for individual buyers.

Support for flat currencies

Allow your buyers to purchase NFTs directly using VISA and Mastercard.

Support for localization

Choose the language and time zone that is most comfortable for you when accessing your store.

Blockchain of preference

To mint and sell NFTs, choose Ethereum, Polygon, or Binance Smartchain.

Using webhooks and APIs

Your native backend system can seamlessly integrate with webhooks and APIs.

Training and Support

Our primary learning center is free & always active. Get all your queries answered.


Create an auction for your NFT with a few easy steps. We offer English and Dutch Auction.